Simple report generator for professionals

The preparation of an ISAE 3000 requires insight in processes, technical skills and time! The ControlReports report generator facilitates this process. The application has a build-in ISAE 3000 template, based on either generally accepted security principles or the Trust Services Principles. It structures the process and provides best practice examples and guidance for the preparation of the ISAE 3000 report.

How does it work?

ControlReports is provided as a SaaS-solution. In the ISAE 3000 webshop a template-license or best practice template license is purchased. You receive a personal login for Control Reports after your purchase. ControlReports provides a structured process for the preparation of the ISAE 3000 report, including detailed guidance on how to prepare the report. The preparation process is divided in five phases;

Analysis and preparation

You login in ControlReports and select relevant subjects such as security, change management or privacy. Control Reports prepares the applicable controls and selects a template (1). ControlReports supports in structuring and analysing security procedures. During procedure, which is guided by relevant questions you process organization details in the general risk management section and the applicable controls. Based on your input ControlReports prepares a complete best practice template ISAE 3000 report of your organization (3).


The best practice template is reviewed by a specialized ISAE 3000 consultant, who provides comments to the drafted ISAE 3000 report and advice on how to improve the security in your organization (4). After processing the comments the ISAE 3000 report is finalized and prepared by the consultant within three working days (5). Consultants can support in the process of implementation and performing a readiness assessment and advice on further improvements of the control framework.

Why ControlReports

ControlReports is based on more than 15 years of experience in the Third Party Assurance. Best practices are based on the experience of international consultants and auditors, specialized in ISAE 3000 implementations of large multinationals, SME and start-ups. The costs of an ISAE 3000 implementation project can vary from ten thousand USD up to a milion USD or even more. ControlReports is an efficient method for applying the knowledge of expensive consultants.


Cost and time efficient
Industry best practice
Facilitates process
Professional report
Structured approach
Secure and confidential

Professional Consultancy

ControlReports facilitates the process and provides a structured approach to support your organization in complying with the ISAE 3000 standard and/or the Trust Service Principles. ControlReports is provided by an international operating consultancy firm; SASconsult. SASconsult provides ISAE 3402, ISAE 3000 and ISO 27001 implementation services. SASconsult is the largest provider of the services in Europe and is expanding fast in industries such as datacentres, SaaS provides, property management and credit management. Conclude Assurance provides efficient audit services to acquire the definite ISAE 3000 type I or type II certification