The objective of the European foundation for Corporate Governance is the promotion of corporate governance and transparency within financial markets in the European marketplace. The Foundation for Corporate Governance works will realise this objective by applying the four pillars that form the foundation of the strategy; application, information, promotion and development:

Application: Supporting and advising organisations with respect to corporate governance and transparency relating external reporting towards financial markets.

Information: Informing the public on the level of transparency applied by European organizations. 

Promotion: The support and institutionalisation of initiatives aimed at corporate governance and transparent external reporting, and the contribution to effective legislation regarding these subjects.

Development: The contribution to the development, introduction and spreading of systems, models and resources in the area of Corporate Governance. The ISAE 3000-register is one of the instruments of the Corporate Governance Foundation for the promotion of the existence of, and the insightfulness in, the availability of qualitative and transparent information.